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Why Is Your Employer Sending You To Occupational Health?

  • December 13, 2022
  • By Latus Health

Why Is Your Employer Sending You To Occupational Health – Occupational Health Explained

Your employer might be sending you to occupational health because your job involves certain risks and hazards, such as a construction site where you might be breathing in dust and fumes and that could potentially affect your health.

Your employer sending you for health surveillance or screening gives the opportunity for early identification of problems developing and putting things in place to help prevent that deteriorating further.

It could be that you have an ill health condition like diabetes and we want to support you in the working environment by understanding more about our condition. We would also look to see if you need any modifications to your role or working environment to help you stay in work safely.

The other example of this might be if you have broken your leg and want to return to work, but you cant manage all your normal duties straight away. Occupational health would be there to help assist and support your return to work an adapt your role slightly in the interim while you return to full health.

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